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Patient Huge Tits?

June 9, 2009

“Well, look who’s back.”

My ears perked up at the dulcet tones in episode two, season three of Arrested Development (yes, it’s down to people like me that the show was ever cancelled. I knew I’d like it, but I put it off until it was too late.)

Imagine my surprise at being greeted by the beautemous crimson visage of one Coco Peru, star of boozetube favorite flick, Girls Will be Girls, as a wig store owner.

Coco: “Are you going to buy this time, or are you just curious?”

Tobias Funke: I suppose I’m buy curious. I have a big tv opportunity.

Coco: This is where all the big tvs come.

I guess things didn’t work out with Dr. Perfect and the big move after all. IMDB alerts me of something called Girls Will be Girls: Delivering Coco, Part I which promises that Coco’s mom needs her liver, but Evie wants it too. The only question is, why am I not watching that right now?