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You Heard it Here First: Michael Mancini Drinks the Blood of Virgins

September 18, 2009

Michael has been all over tv lately, and the dude is looking deeeeelicious. He’s obviously on the new Melrose, and he plays Rebecca Logan’s cheating senatorial father on Greek. Michael explains friendship to Rebecca in what I can only hope is a callback to Melrose (but I’m only up to season 5’s first half) but it certainly seems like it could be:

Michael: I had a best friend once. But I lured him into a Ponzi scheme and bankrupted him and then I slept with his wife. I was a bad man Becky.

Doostyn saw MM on some daytime show and apparently he attributes his good looks to yoga. But I think we ALL know there is a supernatural element.


Melrose Place 2009

September 11, 2009

You guys it seems SO much more promising than new 90210, and full of the population of other tv shows.

Katie Cassidy of Harper’s Island seems to be an evil schemer (awesome). And that chick from BSG: Razor is the doctor down at Wilshire memorial. Casey’s cute scientist boyfriend from Greek exists. Ashlee Simpson is the Allisonish character who just moved into the place. And, much more importantly, SYDNEY AND MICHAEL ARE BACK!!!

Razor girl is propositioned for sex by a date. (She should ask Syd for advice.) Sydney is scheming less than one minute in, and by minute seven she’s dead in the pool!!! (Or is she?) Freaking sweet. They’re investigating Sydney’s murder, so I’m looking forward to the first wrongful conviction.