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American ICON

May 20, 2009

Paula Abdul to screeching ‘mo in heat Adam Lambert:  “YOU WILL BE AN ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

For serious.  Why does America like this guy?  Have Liberace lovers emerged from their meticulously decorated caves to vote him to success?  Subtlety is definitely not his forte (then again this show isn’t about subtlety, see Paula’s very unsubtle unstableness/stonedness).

Also of note:  in a totally inexplicable sweep of the camera SurispawnofKatTom was on live tv, all crab-claw-clenched by her increasingly tanned and increasingly Posh Spice-like space robot mother (I tuned in halfway-ish, maybe there was an explanation earlier).  She is probably more justifiably iconic in her young life than Mr. Lambert will ever be.  But please, by all means, prove me wrong Adam.  Prove me wrong.