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You Heard it Here First: Michael Mancini Drinks the Blood of Virgins

September 18, 2009

Michael has been all over tv lately, and the dude is looking deeeeelicious. He’s obviously on the new Melrose, and he plays Rebecca Logan’s cheating senatorial father on Greek. Michael explains friendship to Rebecca in what I can only hope is a callback to Melrose (but I’m only up to season 5’s first half) but it certainly seems like it could be:

Michael: I had a best friend once. But I lured him into a Ponzi scheme and bankrupted him and then I slept with his wife. I was a bad man Becky.

Doostyn saw MM on some daytime show and apparently he attributes his good looks to yoga. But I think we ALL know there is a supernatural element.


Sports Talk

June 12, 2009

From Greek (or as our more correct Greek readers say, Grssk):

Gay dude explaining his relationship issues: You know how in baseball there’s a pitcher and a catcher?
Rusty:…….. yeah…
Gay dude: Well I didn’t. Not too much of a sports fan.

Can I just say HA! I’m so done with sports metaphors for sex.


April 19, 2009

Just glutted myself on the first three Greeks of the season.

What’s up with Janeane Garofalo’s Women’s Studies class?  First off all, I can’t imagine any womens’ studies professor talking about how the essential difference between women and men is that women have an innate tendency toward compromise, and also… I live in Israel.  The assertion that Meir had an intense focus on peacekeeping and compromise is… let’s say… not the dominant narrative.

More generally in terms of Womens’ Studies, it hilarious that she seems to view classtime as an appropriate time to talk about problems you have with your boyfriend and how to solve them. When did these writers go to college? Did these writers go to college?

Generally I find Greek to be a surprisingly progressive show, given that it’s brought to us by ABC Family, the network that brought us The 700 Club. There are several black people on it, who have episodes that discuss race, but that’s not their only function AND they don’t have to date only each other. Not to mention, there’s a gay couple that’s seen doing normal date things like kissing and cuddling to the same extent that the straights are seen.

Lesbians… still invisible. But I guess tv isn’t perfect.