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Chief Foreign Hottie

April 30, 2009

Just saw Richard Engel (chief foreign correspodent for NBC News and best known to the Booze Tube as a frequent guest on The Rachel Maddow Show) on last night’s Colbert Report, and I have to shout my feelings to the world (you are reading this blog, aren’t you entire world?) because I can’t contain them.  I have a strange crush on this man.  Like I get all smiley and red just from his appearance on my tv.

On the surface it would seem to make sense because he’s conventionally good-looking, except I’m not sure he’s really my physical type.  He’s a little masculine (I’m usually a fan of pretty boys with angular faces) and has a cigarette-ad-dude-with-beaming-white-smile thing happening.  But it works!  He translated Stephen Colbert’s send-off into Arabic and was so very congenial and happy about the whole thing.  What gets me is how weirdly upbeat he seems when reporting about seriously scary shit going down in troubled areas of the world.  He clearly enjoys his work and knows of what he speaks.  (Also he looks best when standing in front of imminent global danger all wind-swept and in a beige standard-foreign-correspondent-issued vest and obviously getting off on the thrill of it all…because he’s a naughty boy who likes danger I’m sure…gah! I want to be his exotic foreign hooker!)

I suspect him to be a dorkus malorkus, an unusually gorgeous one at that.  That is a rare and hot commodity.  Gnatalby, help me name more members of this wondrous subset of humanity.