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What now, was the Cylon plan?

November 22, 2009

I just watched “The Plan” the BSG extra movie that purported to tell us what the Cylon plan was. Except two hours later I’m as baffled as ever and continue to regard the Cylons as mind-blowingly incompetent.

Oh I get that they were tripped up by love which ruined their initial plot, except… what WAS that, exactly? Crazy Cavil wanted the final five to detach from humanity by watching them die, but he couldn’t wait one more day for the Battlestar to be retired? He, for some reason needed to place the five with humanity in order to… what? Strengthen their connection that he wanted to break?

It was somewhat enjoyable to see familiar events from the Cylon side, but I expected a lot more from something called The Plan.


Normal Panties! On a hot chick! On TV!

August 8, 2009

Accompanied by a serious continuity error. I feel a bit pervacious since I’ve now viewed this scene several times to make sure of what I was seeing.

I speak of Starbuck’s failed seduction of Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica in season 2 episode 15.

They start making out, both in full clothes. Shoes are lost and (off camera) Starbuck’s shirt comes off. She is wearing a black sports bra and is down to her underwear in the next shot. Lee is down to his boxer briefs. (Good choice!) He pulls down her FULL panties! They are like totally not sexy and not a thong, but something you would expect a soldier to be wearing under her uniform when she’s just on her business not expecting to bone at any time. Lee lowers her onto a table, and then has second thoughts and pulls back.

In the next shot, they are both topless (still a bra on Starbuck thank the gods of Kobol and non gratuity) but now they are both wearing pants!

The Battlestar has magical pants apparating and disapparating powers!

I actually sincerely do love that Starbuck isn’t wearing like, a lacy thong, which is something I would totally expect on most tv, which seems to assume that women exist in a constant state of sexual preparedness, which translates into real women feeling pressured to maintain the same. And then they are judged for it. (See: innumerable blog posts I don’t care to link to about how you can tell a woman is a slut if she’s shaved and it’s your first time or if she’s going commando. Then see: innumerable blog posts about how “unhygienic” an unshaven woman is or how off putting it is when a woman is wearing underwear with all thought to function and not to form. Truly, The Patriarchy, how is a woman supposed to win? Oh wait. She’s not.)

At the same time, it’s undeniable that Starbuck is attractive and desirable, but it’s also delightful because there are as many ways that she subverts the ideal (strong, muscled, hard drinking, non baby wanting*) as she upholds it (white, blonde, fairly spare in terms of body fat, heterosexual).

Despite the continuity errors, I declare a win!

*Friend of the boozetube Vyeto has noted that Starbuck may not be entirely anti-baby due to events on New Caprica. My defense is that I haven’t gotten there yet. But I will report back when I do!