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BBSee I Told You It Was Awesome

February 23, 2010

The Olympics has really ruined tv, I’ll tell you what. Apart from Nip/Tuck, Big Love, SLAT and One Tree Hill everything else is on a break. I realize that four hour-long shows comprises many a person’s whole tv schedule (or even more!) but I am no ordinary tv blogger.

At such lulls I tend to make it up by consuming whole seasons of shows, and nothing goes down easier than British half-hour comedies. At only six or eight episodes per series they’re only a slightly longer commitment than a movie, which is a double-edged sword, since I often end up wanting more. As is the case with The Inbetweeners and (I can already tell, though I’m only 3 episodes in) The Beautiful People. Both are shows about teenagers (my favorite kind of show), misfits in particular (my favorite kind of teenager). The Inbetweeners has the distinction of being the show that made pedophilia surprisingly hilarious.

Even though the characters would be supremely irritating in real life, I find that I’m really rooting for them to procure booze and get laid– they’re much better at the first.

The Beautiful People is, in some ways, a much broader comedy, but a) teen gays, can you argue with that? and b) who couldn’t love a character who won a lifetime’s supply of generic gin by composing the following poem:

Gin gin, where do I begin.
Having you inside me
is like an old friend popping in.



One Tree Hell

February 19, 2010

So One Tree Hill‘s been having an odd season. Some of it has been fun– like the John Hughes episode, or the fact that Jodie Sawyer of the fine film Center Stage is someone’s dead wife’s ghost/secret tennis star doppelganger and some of it has been terribly dull, like anything involving the nine trillion extras for whom we are suddenly meant to care. (Miranda and the new bartender, Brooke’s menswear designer, teacher Lauren). When it seems like fucking Mouth and Millie are main characters, well that’s a far cry from two brothers in a basketball rivalry, especially since one of the brothers is gone.

But mostly the show is really uneven. These are the two promos for next week’s episode:



So basically I think next week slutty actress Alex will have sex with Haley’s dead mother and then Brooke will stalk off set while Julian broods.

Stay out of it, Nick Lachey

September 27, 2009

One of my favorite things to notice on tv shows is when people from real life are involved with fictional characters in some way, because for me, in a weird way it becomes part of their biography. Most recently I was reminded by Kevin Smith’s appearance on the season four finale of Degrassi, in which he becomes somewhat involved with Caitlyn Ryan, but my favorite examples are, unsurprisingly, from my most cherished trashy network: the CW.

Last season on One Tree Hill, Nick Lachey came to town and it was revealed he had had a total tabloid fodder relationship with Brooke Davis during the skipped years. What would Vanessa Minnillo think if she knew?

Now on Gossip Girl, an inexplicably lower rated show despite the fact that it’s actually, you know, good, Lily van der Woodsen made a sex list for Rufus, and it contained some famous faces, including Trent Reznor. Mmmmm.

Inexplicably not on the list, but we know it from the first season, is that one of Lily’s former conquests is French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

I would give wikipedia a shiny dollar if these facts were included in their bios. You know, personal life: “once linked to utterly FABULOUS socialite, Lily van der Woodsen!” But I guess wikipedia doesn’t get that excited about things.

Tv is back! Tv is back!

September 16, 2009

Summer is no longer the seasonal death of tv like back in my callow youth; some of my favorite shows (Mad Men, True Blood) are summer shows. But there’s still an undeniable excitement about the fall schedule returning. I’m open to suggestions for what new shows I should pick up. So far I’m seized upon Glee and I give it the highest recommendation for those who enjoy music theatre. Like Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Lynch has the magical touch for elevating the written material, not that the Glee scripts need as much help as SLAT’s.

Now, perhaps I’m just afflicted by jet-lag from that trans-atlantic flight I was on an hour ago, but Dan Scott, on the One Tree Hill premiere seems to have traded in his arson and fratricide toolboxes in favor of life as a televangelist. It’s OTH, so it will find a way to alchemize gold into boring, but like Charlie Brown and the football, I can’t help but get excited.

Keeping up with the Televisional Joneses

May 2, 2009

A couple weeks ago a good friend of The Booze Tube shared the list he had made up to remind himself what shows to watch throughout the week. Like me, this friend tends to watch tv the day after it airs, so, in a semblance of order, for me, that’s….

Monday: Huh, nothing.

Tuesday: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Greek, and Chuck

Wednesday: Huh, nothing.

Thursday: Lost.

Friday: Holy Cats! The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Ugly Betty.

Saturday: Dollhouse.

Shows that aren’t in season right now, but of which I am a religious follower: Secret Life of the American Teenager, Big Love, Mad Men, True Blood.

And that’s not to mention whole seasons of shows I’m just catching on DVD.  90210 (classic, not the current waste of prime time space), Melrose Place, Smallville, Flight of the Conchords, Arrested Development, and Battlestar Galactica.

Writing all that out makes me feel funny, like when Lynette lined up all of Bree Van de Kamp’s wine bottles on the porch with a note that said: “Still think you don’t have a problem?”*

But hey, when I’m a top tv blogger no one will question me! Or when I get my dream job of pairing foods with tv shows. 90s nighttime soaps go great with cheese, I mean, obviously.

*Though from what I remember, there were only like, 12 wine bottles. I guess I’d need to know the time span, because if that’s per day, then yeah, Bree totally had a problem, but if that’s over like, two weeks and she’s just lazy about recycling, then I think that’s a lot more borderline.  Incidentally, remember how Bree confesses in some later season that she sometimes fantasizes about opening the Chardonnay she knows is chilling in the fridge? What kind of assholes is she living with that keep wine in the fridge of a recovering alcoholic?

The trauma unit is hoppin’ tonight…

April 25, 2009

Previously on One Tree Hill, 57 car accidents…

A couple years ago I added OTH to my already packed tv schedule during a hiatus.  Once I pick up a show I rarely put it down again, no matter how bad it gets, unless something (like a writers’ strike) makes me forget about it existing at all. (Sorry Heroes.) The shows that most often make me regret this decision are Lost (I’m ready for some answeres now…) and OTH.

Still before the brief hiatus they advertised the final five episodes of the season with a riveting promo showing a car accident, Lucas and Brooke crying in the hospital, and deadly serious promo guy intoning something about how Tree Hill would never be the same after some shocking events.

I think we need rules like Europe has about advertising.  If you can’t make your show interesting, you can’t make your promo interesting.  (I feel the same way about cliffhangers– just write a good show and I’ll be back, god.)

Basically, Peyton is in Tree Hill’s 97000th car accident, but this one is a mere fender bender, and Lucas and Brooke were just crying about information we already knew about Peyton’s mystery pregnancy endangering medical condition.

Then some boring crap happened with Sam and Jack, but honestly, I don’t care about anyone living in Tree Hill under the age of 20.  I don’t need a cast of thousands, I just need solid writing for a small core of characters.