Dynasty Week!


Apparently it was Dynasty week on tv. Both FlashForward and Ugly Betty featured girl-fights in ponds. Only the second one was going for campy, but the first one still made me laugh a lot. Also, it was more evil in a threat to national security.

Ugly Betty also wins my love because while gay teens are having a moment, they are also having a kind of eunuch moment what with Eric from Gossip Girl being the castrated queer, and Marshall from US of Tara becoming sexually active…. with a lady. Gross.

Justin stands alone, as far as I can tell, as a teen gay in an actual sexual relationship with another gay teen. I love it! They dance and kiss! Where people can see them! Cuteness!

This is what I’ll miss about Ugly Betty. It has been very progressive— with a huge cast of color, a relatively awesome handing of a trans character, and gay people across the spectrum as “just like us straights!” and building their own versions of what love means, which doesn’t always follow the hetero monogamous version of love.

In some sort of glorious last hurrah it’s become amazing again. Earlier this season I wouldn’t have thought I’d care that it was going, but it’s clear that the writers still have some oomph in them. So the only question remaining is… why didn’t they pull it out sooner?

The only big quibble I have is that they seem to be forcing a Daniel and Betty love storyline into the end, when it seems from so many seasons, that they’re better of as friends. Yes, it’s true! Straight mixed gender couples can be friends! Breaking boozetube news! Anyway, I hope that when Hilda was chatting about love and Daniel shot a significant look at Betty it was a look of friendship! And I hope that when Daniel and Betty were dancing and talking about how right everything felt they were talking about friendship! I don’t ask a lot of things but please, please show, you’re so good at breaking stereotypes, please don’t be the one millionth show to deny what I know is true– men and women can have very fulfilling friendships, and love may not be their ultimate expression.


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3 Responses to “Dynasty Week!”

  1. nanci Says:

    I will definitely miss Ugly Betty, but having seen the original as a kid (and it’s still so hard to watch sometimes), the Daniel and Betty thing seems like it needs to happen. It has nothing to do with two hetero people of the opposite sex can’t just be friends, it’s just two people who are friends who have changed so much with each other…I don’t know, it’s just not Ugly Betty if there isn’t at least some ~mysterious~ maybe yes/maybe no for Betty and Daniel.

  2. gnatalby Says:

    I haven’t watched the original, but I’m sure the remake diverges in many ways from it. Besides which, Ugly Betty isn’t the only show on tv. It seems like more than a coincidence that practically every show ends with the same message that men and women can’t be friends.

    Each show taken individually, not a problem. Altogether? It’s an annoying pattern that Ugly Betty is part of.

  3. Sadako Says:

    RIP Ugly Betty! I haven’t seen it in a while but it’s still sad.

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