That Friendship Does Sound Toxic


“What makes you think that I would ever be friend with you? I mean Look at what you have done to me: I mean you’ve stolen my chief of staff job twice ; you’ve drugged me, you’ve cheated me, you’ve betrayed me, you almost had me committed to an institution because of rage epilepsy attacks that you created– I mean how much do you think a guy can take?”

The incomparable Peter Burns to Michael Mancini in the season six finale. I love when characters recap the craziness of this show. Also rage epilepsy makes me think of Summer from the OC and her rage blackouts.

“I’m on my way to the Caribbean right now and I’m this close to landing one hell of a cash cow. I don’t care if it’s a mixed metaphor it’s money!” –Amanda’s sleazy boyfriend/fiance Rory. Rory is rarely a good name for a dude. Oh course she met him through Lexi, it’s all so east coast country club, except he’s a con artist, obviously. His proposal is pretty great: “You and I are two of kind: you love money, so do I; you hate people, so do I.”

Forget it Amanda, I’m going to marry him.


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