One Tree Hell


So One Tree Hill‘s been having an odd season. Some of it has been fun– like the John Hughes episode, or the fact that Jodie Sawyer of the fine film Center Stage is someone’s dead wife’s ghost/secret tennis star doppelganger and some of it has been terribly dull, like anything involving the nine trillion extras for whom we are suddenly meant to care. (Miranda and the new bartender, Brooke’s menswear designer, teacher Lauren). When it seems like fucking Mouth and Millie are main characters, well that’s a far cry from two brothers in a basketball rivalry, especially since one of the brothers is gone.

But mostly the show is really uneven. These are the two promos for next week’s episode:



So basically I think next week slutty actress Alex will have sex with Haley’s dead mother and then Brooke will stalk off set while Julian broods.



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