Mama Mia Mancini


Offensive Ethnic stereotype watch! In “Mama Mia” Melrose 6×18, Mama Mancini is coming to visit, apparently directly from life on The Sopranos or her vacation at the Jersey Shore.

This episode makes me happy as the opening song is Dance Hall Crashers, “Lost Again.” Let’s take a dance break and remember the late 90s….

That was fun!

Within one minute of her arrival in LA, Mama Mancini is offering homemade cannoli and demanding to see Dean Martin’s house. (“Ma, he’s dead.” “He will always be alive to me.” followed by bursting into song.) Then when she finds out Michael is in jail (assault at a strip club) she bursts into angry Italian, which is just weird, since there’s no indication she’s a first-generation immigrant. At least she doesn’t seem to have mob ties.

The cops call Jennifer to tell her that they found her car and inside, a dead Craig. Jennifer is upset for a Planck second but Michael talks her out of it, telling her suicide is both an act of cowardice and an act of aggression aimed at Jennifer, which I sort of agree with, since he stole her car and shot himself in it. The indignity continues as Jennifer never seems remotely upset about the death of her “love” again. Emotional vampires indeed.

Jennifer passes Billy off as a Craig in a courtyard interaction with Mama, and tries to claim that Craig won’t be joining them for dinner (true!) but the Mancinis run into Billy at Kyle’s and Jennifer is typically sensitive when she takes him aside to enlist his sneaky help.

Jennifer: Billy– I am in a terrible jam. Craig is dead and if my mother finds out.
Billy: He’s dead?
Jennifer: It’s awful. He committed suicide on some beach in Santa Barbara in the front seat of my car.
Billy: I know he had problems… Maybe I should have done something. He was a friend. He was my best man.
Jennifer: I’m feeling guilty too, poor kid, but I don’t have time for that right now because my mother is going to go nuclear on me if you don’t sit down with us and pretend to be Craig.
Billy: That’s morbid, no.
Jennifer: Oh Billy I’m begging you, I am desperate, I will do anything you ask, anything if you just do this one thing for me.
Billy: You know I’m drunk.
Jennifer: Like I said, I’m desperate.
Billy: Well, it’s not like I’m having dinner with Sam… okay.

Right… because Sam was the part that made this appalling.

On their return to the place, Billy drunkenly Craigs at Mrs. Mancini: “Did I tell you that I was married once? It only lasted 15 minutes, but it was a beautiful marriage. There was really no fighting or bickering, no baseball players… Before you go, I want you to know why it was only minutes and not years I want to tell your mom this, this is very important. I believe very strongly in the institution of marriage, love and loyalty, fidelity… all that stuff…”

Jennifer macks on Billy for her mother’s benefit, but it quickly turns into a real make out. Billy is like “Whoa I’m drunk.” True! Sadly, this will not stay contained to boozy times. These two are totally going to hook up, and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.


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