Still the One


I’ve been working my way through season two of The Sopranos, and I just finished watched episode 10, “Bust Out,” in which Carmela meets a sexy (to the middle-aged eye) contractor and they make out in her bathroom and then schedule a sex date for the next day, which falls through when the dude develops a conscience.

As far as we know, this is Carmela’s first time cheating, and I am all for it. I realize that I seem to have a double standard for men and women about cheating on tv (hate Don’s, love Betty’s; hate Tony’s, love Carmela’s) but I think I’m actually just in favor of the long suffering partner demanding what they want and what the other person has been taking with impunity. For example on Grey’s Anatomy I didn’t initially like Addison, who cheated on Derrick with his best friend, at ALL but I was in favor of him pursuing Meredith.

But, what got me to my keyboard today was that when Carmela’s preparing her lunch of adultery she’s rocking out to the Shania Twain song “Still the One.” When Doostyn and I met, nearly ten years ago, it was at one of those cheeseball teen events for gifted future leaders. (As you can tell, that worked out *really* well.) As is customary, at the end of the week-long event there was a dance, and we danced to “Still the One” dramatically but ironically, while all the teens swayed and cried and sang along to their objets de tendresse whom they had met one week previously. Ever since, it’s been “our song” and we’ll occasionally call the other one up when we hear it the radio and sing it loudly.

It struck me that there’s practically no worse song to sing about an affair you’re just starting when you’ve been married for twenty odd years. “You’re still the one since I met you yesterday when your sister whose husband my husband is bankrupting brought you over?” “You’re still the one Tony even though I’m totally cheating on you?”


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3 Responses to “Still the One”

  1. Sadako Says:

    Whoa. I never even picked up on that song.

    Though actually I don’t know that the guy developed a conscience. I remember someone telling him, “That’s Tony Soprano’s wife!” Later Carmela thinks he’s got a conscience and goes to thank him for not showing up and he almost shits a brick. Carm even says to Gabriella Dante that there are good decent men like the contractor guy, and Gabriella goes, “He probably pissed himself when he realized who you’re married to.”

    Ah I miss the Sopranos. I have all the DVDs but I long for new material. I’m still holding out for the movie.

  2. gnatalby Says:

    Interesting. I haven’t watched the next episode yet, I assumed he was just upset that Tony was bankrupting his brother-in-law and got a conscience about that, but it makes sense that that’s a story that would also scare you shitless.

  3. Sadako Says:

    Yeah…you’ll see a lot of other stuff in the future that justifies being afraid of Tony, when it comes to him and the women in his life.

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