Churchill Rousing? Or Hitler Rousing?


This week’s Mad Men was awesome. So much plot development! Betty knows about Dick Whitman! Hurray!

But what I noticed most was teacher and Don’s stoner pillow talk. I always use “What if the color I see isn’t the color youuuuu see” when I’m making fun of stoned talk. I loved Don’s no nonsense response, which was basically, “No one cares! Let’s all make some money!”

It’s the new “I refute it thus.”

I still can’t believe what a diiiiiiiick Don is being at work this season, every time he talks to Peggy I get annoyed. And obviously the Sal stuff was disappointing, though, in retrospect, not surprising. Given that Don has never turned down tail in his life it’s shocking to him that Sal wouldn’t be the same way.

I’ve gotten used to Don’s affairs, but they’ve never stopped bugging me. I hate that he is in a full-on romance with the teacher, and not just a sex thing like with Bobbie. I don’t hate the teacher, but I am very wary of her interest in Don.

And who *did* call the Drapers that night?



3 Responses to “Churchill Rousing? Or Hitler Rousing?”

  1. Erika Says:

    The teacher is PSYCHO in her weird possessiveness of Don. But this isn’t his first full-on romance; remember Rachel Menken?

    Rachel was so cool, too, I actually kind of rooted for her. The teacher does not seem nearly as awesome as Rachel Menken.

  2. gnatalby Says:

    You’re right, I forgot about Rachel. Still, the situation with Rachel seemed like an affair not a relationship. (And, like you, I really liked Rachel, and if I weren’t rooting for Don does Fidelity I would have been rooting for her.) The fact that Don is sleeping over, getting work messages at the teacher’s house, and doing boyfriend favors, like driving the brother several hours away, for the teacher is bizarre to me.

    So, too, is my inability to remember her name.

  3. Still the One « Booze. TV. Food. How Do *You* Spend Friday Nights? Says:

    […] it. I realize that I seem to have a double standard for men and women about cheating on tv (hate Don’s, love Betty’s; hate Tony’s, love Carmela’s) but I think I’m actually just […]

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