Putting the booze back in booze tube*


I LOOOOve Gossip Girl, so it pains me to say this, but MAN waas it bad this week. And the badness could be laid at only one person’s feet: Tyra Banks.

I find that I have to defend my love of Gossip Girl again and again and I’m happy to do so here: the show is wittily written, well directed and, I’d usually add, well acted. While the problems of the upper side (who’s eating on The Met Steps where) are generally far from mine, the acting is usually good enough to transcend my suspension of disbelief, but Tyra Banks and Hillary Duff acting in an Oscar-bait serious film together? In which Tyra sings? Sorry but even my generous standards are tested.

The problem that Gossip Girl has set up, is that the celebrity world exists alongside our world and works by its rules, and Tyra, as supporting actress doesn’t quite work.

And the setup itself is annoying, we all know, as viewers, that the challenge for the producers of the series is to keep Serena out of Brown and in connection with her NYU friends. Dispensing with her PR job is like dispensing with Nate as Vanessa’s boyfriend. No one thought it would be longterm, so why put the rest of us through it?

*Because I’m drunk you see!


3 Responses to “Putting the booze back in booze tube*”

  1. Laura Says:

    I actually didn’t mind the Hilary Duff character. I think she might add an interesting element to the show. But the scenes with Tyra were pretty much unbearable. I don’t know why people think she can act because she definitely cannot!

    I also feel the need to always defend my love of Gossip Girl because it seems like it would be such a pointless show. But you are right. It’s well written and the acting is usually pretty good. I’m glad to see that someone else ejoys my guilty pleasure!

  2. Sadako Says:

    Weird, I’ve never seen the show–read some of the books but not seen any of it. I can’t imagine Tyra in their world for the same reasons you said.

  3. gnatalby Says:

    I looove the books, they’re so much fun! Although they are a lot more amoral than the tv show, I find. So Tyra’s lesson of the day-ness was not as much of a problem as you might imagine.

    The terrible acting, however, was.

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