Euchre and the Faux Canadian


So I’m from one of the only other places than Alaska in the US that can legitimately call Canada “our neighbors to the south.” Which just means that lots of things that apply to Canadians, also apply to me: calling soda “pop,” funny vowels (Canadian raising if you’re fancy), and the incessant playing of euchre the way I think people in the rest of the country play poker.

I was pretty amused by the Degrassi episode “Queen of Hearts” in which Ellie learns a little something about trusting your partner when she plays in a high stakes euchre game with Alex. Ellie, it seems, is a euchre savant, winning big and making everyone marvel at her skill, but the big win comes when she has to let Alex go it alone.

The problem is (and I gather this is a problem for poker players with tons of plots about the great gamblers), Ellie’s hands are too good to display any real skill on her part. In one hand, someone ELSE called spades and she had both jacks, ace, king, queen. What was the other person calling based on? Crazy!


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