Oy. Weeds. When last we spoke, the season had just begun and I was already sick of it. No less now.

A few episodes ago, Dean slammed his former bro, Doug’s, dick in a drawer (intentionally). This episode Doug retaliates, insisting that Dean dip his junk in scalding coffee. These two scenes demonstrate perfectly how I feel about watching the show nowadays. I used to really enjoy Doug and Dean’s friendship,which was the darker, more realistic side of an Apatovian bromance, stunted and damaging, but still amusing. Weeds also earned points with me for having a v. unstereotypical gay character whose gayness was definitely present but was not the focus of the character. A far cry from the present day which has all sorts of characters calling each other fags, with that as the only joke. OMG. Sometimes boys like boys. Isn’t that hilarious? Isn’t it insulting (but hilarious!) when a kid calls someone who is so clearly masculine and unfaggy as the Mexican drug lord a fag? HA.

This week’s episode dealt with the fallout of Shane Botwin getting shot and Nancy marries her rapist, Esteban, and seems really happy about it. What? The fuck. Is this territory not pretty well-worn by now? I feel like I’m reading Modern Love. It is so much better to marry a rapist than a guy your sons might consider faggy sensitive. Right? RIGHT?

The high point now, is Andy’s storyline. He is now wooing Alanis Morisette, who plays Nancy’s OB/GYN (cum doctor for all sorts of shady injuries obtained in the trafficking trade) and she is basically having none of it for the very believable reason that she is a doctor and he is a fuck up. I’m sure her resistance will be worn down and I will go back to feeling crotchety about it all.

But for now. Thank you India. Thank you Providence, RI, thank you, Alanis Morisette for brightening up my obligation/appointment tv.



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