Promises, promises.


“You’ve done the impossible Billy, you’ve left me speechless.”

Ugh, if only Sam.

Just a thought, when your soapy high drama camp show gets a little boring, the thing you shouldn’t add is more boring characters.

When are Amanda Woodward and Kimberly Shaw going to move in together?



One Response to “Promises, promises.”

  1. Doostyn Says:

    For realsies. They had a golden opportunity with having Daphne Zuniga walk out (no offense Daphne, but your character, Jo, sucked saggy balls), but they replaced her with an even more annoying (and totally inconsequential) brunette. I didn’t care about the vast majority of what happened during the first part of season 5…I shudder to think of how awful it must have gotten by season 7.

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