Right back where we started from


I think I’ve met Mr. Right, and per usual with all-important life questions, the answer was in front of me the whole time.  His name is Seth Cohen, and we share a special relationship (I take turns drinking beer and drooling over his hotness, he amuses me with his neuroses and quips, we both adore Summer, me in a less boner-y way).

Last night I was working through the second season of The O.C. at a fast clip when I got to the awesome episode where the four main characters are trapped overnight in a mall (which reminded me of one of my favorite bad movies as a kid, Career Opportunities, with Jennifer Connelly and a dude stuck overnight in a Target, and also of a movie I never saw, Where the Heart Is, where Natalie Portman gives birth in a Wal-Mart…thankfully Marisa Cooper did not give birth to the whiny self-indulgent antichrist that is probably incubating in her womb).  This season the show has been even more self-referential than in the previous season, with characters reminding each other of ludicrous plot lines and barely keeping a straight face (I love when soaps do this, give their characters memories of their densely-packed-with-weirdness past selves).  The Valley, the tv program that exists only in the O.C.-verse and is pretty much the same show as The O.C., now has a reality show version of itself, just as The O.C. got with Real Housewives of Orange County.  And this whole episode is a revisit to the first season’s romantic plotlines involving the main four, since they are with different love interests for most of the season but suddenly back together (Seth and Summer) or suddenly single (Ryan, whose girlfriend has recently left town, and really Marisa since, as her mother rightfully points out, she’s only in a lesbian relationship to prove a bratty teenage point).

The magical moment Seth and I shared that sealed our eternal romantic fate:  The gang is trying to elude mall security, and in doing so set up a TV to play a DVD of The Valley inside of a tent to fool the security guards while they run to the safety of their car.  I proclaimed aloud “That was awesome!” only to be immediately met with Seth Cohen saying “That was awesome!”  I now consider us to be gay married.



One Response to “Right back where we started from”

  1. gnatalby Says:

    My only beef with that episode is its title: the Mall-pisode.

    That is not how you make a portmanteau! If it were an episode were Seth slept with Pam Anderson and gave Summer Hepatitis, it could be the hep-isode. Of if Ryan had to help someone move it could be the schlep-isode. Or if Julie Cooper Nichol went to Paris to become a pastry chef it could be the crepe-isode.

    But the mall-pisode? I don’t think so.

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