Life is Cheap. People Die, and People Have Babies.


Hey, remember when Weeds was a fun show and didn’t make you want to kill yourself when the half hour was over? If you’re like me, the answer is… barely.

The first episode of the fifth season does nothing to reverse the downward trend of the past few seasons. Nancy cries a lot, Esteban makes a bleak rapey sounding threat that her job is to open her legs and prove she’s carrying a boy.

Quinn is fucked up beyond your wildest imaginings and literally threatens to have Celia chopped up for organs, and no one offers to pay ransom for Celia, which pissed me off. She’s my favorite character on Weeds, and like it or not, she’s your friend and colleague, Andy, Doug, Dean, Nancy. Suck it up and send the cash, none of you are people I want to hang out with anymore. Quinn also abuses her boyfriend. It’s just… not fun.

The last few moments seemed like they would be redeeming. Nancy is sitting at the mall sucking down some sort of iced beverage, and suddenly loud music comes on, and couple by couple various shoppers start dancing, musical theatre style. She asks the kid next to her why they’re doing it, and he says: “Because it’s fun!”

I felt my heart lighten, but when she turns around, Cesar, Esteban’s bodyguard is staring at her. So much for levity.

If I could quit shows, I would quit Weeds. It’s just no longer the show I fell in love with, back when Heylia and Conrad still existed. Now it’s just a fucking bleak half hour of trafficking in drugs and women, abuse, and misery. If I wanted that, I’d be reading the New York Times.



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