When worlds collide


On the episode of 90210 classic that I watched last night Kelly mentioned watching Sex and the City.

First of all, I’m so sure St. Prude Kelly watches a show that once featured a red clown’s wig as a merkin. Second, I don’t think of these shows as existing in the same era at all. In episode fifteen of season ten, Donna asks David if they can stay in and watch the Sopranos.  Same problem! Even though 90210 ran for ten years, I tend to remember it as having a very early 90s feel, although now that I’m on season ten the music is what I think of as contemporary, even though it’s a decade old. I guess there’s a part of you that remains stuck in your high school years no matter how much time actually elapses.

Speaking of that extreme decade, Doostyn and I were talking earlier about how the new Melrose is probably going to suck all the joy out of the franchise, just like the new 90210, but worse than that, it’s starting before all of Melrose classic is out on DVD. (Currently they’re only up to half of season five.) How unfair! Since Sydney and Michael will be back I’m worried I’ll get spoiled for the events of the last two seasons. Thanks a lot tv.


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