These are sun eggs!


My opinion remains firm, Jennifer Coolidge must continue to be on all my shows.

On the season finale of Party Down her character was tripping balls because “when [she’s] in nature [she] usually drops a cap. That’s why [she’s] so centered. You know, nature is so large that you can see it really clearly, you can expand your consciousness to… well… nearly to infinity!”

Over the course of the evening, she picks up a bunch of parsley as big as a bouquet and says: “Are you sad? I’m sad too. I just ordered my new green merkin in the mail… [holds it to her crotch] and it’s too small.”

Kristin Bell also guest stars (prompting Cooldige to say: “Look! I found a little elf in the woods!”) and she’s great, although she could use a trim, but I might just miss her Veronica Mars hair because I miss Veronica Mars.


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One Response to “These are sun eggs!”

  1. doostyn Says:

    Jennifer Coolidge is a genius, she needs a genius grant so she can build a machine that inserts her into every show and movie (she really would have brightened up Roots, Schindler’s List, etc.)

    And the merkin line reminds me of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock, who, in one of her many desperate bids for attention, decides to cut off her hair on live television and donate it to charity…only the usual cancer charities won’t take her hair because it’s too processed, so she had to donate to “Merkins of Hope.”

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