Whaddya, Crackin’ Wise?


I was watching a bad quality episode of 90210, season 9, last night when I heard a familiar voice say: “Just drive already!” Thanks to the bad video quality, I didn’t recognize her face, but I would recognize the gangster’s moll syntax of one Sydney Andrews, anywhere. Here, she is playing a schemer named Sophie who has set her sights on David Silver, despite capturing the heart of Steve Sanders.

While I’m glad that Laura Leighton was getting work (Sidebar: She’s returning to play Sydney on the new Melrose Place, coming next fall. I’m so excited! I hope it’s not as disappointing as new 90210.) it’s a little confusing, since Melrose Place and 90210 are in the same universe– Melrose started as a spin off when Jake was working on construction at Kelly’s house and they became involved, theoretically, if Kelly saw Jake on the street, she should be like, “Hey Jake!”

So at first I thought she was going to reveal herself as Sydney, having used Sophie as an alias, but then she pulled out this diary of how to make it in hollywood and checked off “Find place in Beverly Hills.”

This might be a question like “How many apts. are there in the place?” that will have to go unanswered, since I think I am 100% of people that care.


One Response to “Whaddya, Crackin’ Wise?”

  1. Planned or Unplanned « Booze. TV. Food. How Do *You* Spend Friday Nights? Says:

    […] me when there are dead end plots that go nowhere. Specifically I was thinking about Melrose and when Laura Leighton was on 90210 for like, six episodes or something, and then her character just disappeared. Or that one weird […]

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