Bad Dads (and I’m not talking about Lost)


I thought 90210 jumped the shark after Brenda left (and in my mind she is still living in London with Dylan and he never had a baby with Kelly on the new series lalalala) but really it just gave itself over to soapy awesome.

One of the very special storylines of season 7 is that we learn that Valerie’s father didn’t just die, oh no, he was a molester, and she’s GLAD he’s dead.  (And maybe she killed him? I don’t even know. Whatever, she was super happy about it.)

This is, of course, revealed to us via a black and white, art school style video like Dawn and Jeff’s “Love Will Tear us Apart” high school video from Series 7: The Contenders. (Starts around 7:10)

Val lies in bed. The door opens and everything goes slanty as a man enters. Cut to her dad waving on the porch. Now he’s on top of Val… now he’s on the porch again, blowing a kiss! He’s on top of Val again, kissing her, and the way she’s pulling him toward her, she doesn’t seem to mind. When she pushes him away, her hand is covered in BRIGHT RED BLOOD. It’s like Schindler’s List, ya’ll.

But you know what it’s also like? It’s like when Allison on Melrose had her recurring nightmares (black and white, slanty door, dolly dropped on the floor) that were trying to tell her that her dad had molested her. It’s never a good sign when something reminds you of Allison.

I love Val’s confrontation with her mom:

Mom: You want to talk to me it has to be in the middle of the night?

Val: You always were a sound sleeper.

Mom: What do you mean?

Val: You must have been. To be able to sleep through the night when your husband was coming into my room.

Mom: What are you talking about?

Val: I’m talking about RAPE mother. Incest? Child Abuse? Our Family? Your husband? Your daughter? Does that ring any bells?

Most sexual abuse does take place in the family, sure (although I think on 90210 it’s mostly strangers trying to rape St. Kelly) but isn’t this repressed and recovered memories thing so nineties?


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