Hey There Upper East Schemers


Two quotes from last night’s Gossip Girl stand out, both involving characters directly questioning the internal logic (or lack thereof) of the show:

Lily to Serena re:  Gabriel’s Ponzi scheme:  “This is an adult scheme.”  Lily says this to her daughter as justification for why Serena should not get further involved with the recovery of the money that’s been fraud-ed away.  Obviously funny, because most of the scheming on the show is something we’d typically see more on adult-centric soap operas, but a big underlying premise of the show is that we’re to believe, because most of these characters are from UES blue bloodlines, their lives are unusually accelerated.  And it’s not like Lily is totally unaware of her daughter’s other adult-ish schemes/tribulations (seriously Lily, thinking you played a part in someone’s death because they overdosed on cocaine when you were sharing it with them…that wasn’t adult?  You weren’t admonishing Serena for pursuing adult affairs then, just reassuring her that random cokehead’s heart was bound to explode anyday and if it didn’t happen with Serena it would have happened elsewhere).

Second quote-  Nate to Serena, Blair, and Chuck as they plan how to set-up Poppy to get some stolen money back:  “Are you sure we shouldn’t just call the cops?”  Of course you should, except you’re rich and well-connected, and as we’ve learned from the rich and well-connected that populate this show, when you have the time and resources to investigate/perpetrate schemes yourself, why not?  It’s fun!  Also, later in the episode Nate circumnavigates the usual law-and-order system to try to use his family connections to get Serena out of jail.  Who’s a big fan of law enforcement now, you silly floppy-banged pothead? (Silliness aside, I’d totally S his D.  And no, I don’t mean Serena his Dan.) 

Not sure if the characters temporarily forgot what world/show they live in or if the writers meant to point out how ridiculous these “teens” lives are, but these two moments were hilarious either way.



2 Responses to “Hey There Upper East Schemers”

  1. gnatalby Says:

    Mmm… I think if I start refer to the carnal art of bj as serenaing a dan it will probably be too obscure to work, darn it.

    The last minute of the show (Serena’s mugshot sequence) was flipping brilliant. But I was confused as to why B seemed shocked at G’s transformation– she didn’t believe her conversion was real to begin with, and further was angling for crazy G time. Also, it would be hard for that scenario to work against them: either crazy G makes off with their money, which is the same as Poppy running off with it, practically, or G gets their money back, in which case, win.

    The biggest problem for the episode (which I basically loved) was that they made Lily seem stupid. She found out about the Ponzi scheme from Dan, obviously Dan was going to tell his Dad about it, especially since they’re always moralizing about being poor, so as soon as Lily set up the trust fund, basically, it was a matter of moments until she got caught, and Lily is just not that dumb.

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