Let Me Soap That Up for You, Chuck Bass


Gossip Girl was really in top form last night, and for 2 major reasons:

1.) The incredibly hot love triangle action between Blair, Chuck, and Nate seems almost back in full force.  On an earlier post I said I loved Blair and Nate being back together, without an important qualification:  their romance (Blair’s and Nate’s) is best when tempted by that devil himself (and serious candidate for hottest person alive) Chuck Bass.  Blair and Chuck are the hottest couple on the show, but I don’t want them together because one of my favorite dramatic thrusts of the show is their perpetual chase; also, Blair being with Nate is what makes her happy because he is her princely desire of a trophy for her arm…and anything that happens between her and Chuck is exponentially naughtier when she’s involved with Chuck’s best friend.  So good.

2.) Sudsy soapy plots are here!  Makes sense, with this being probably our best contemporary weekly soap.  I feel like this season we’ve lost sense of that, with so many plot lines devoted to characters who were so boring and inconsequential that they (both the characters and the plot lines) were quickly written out of the show (Blair’s boyfriend of royalty, the exciting-in-theory hot-for-teacher plot that was wasted by being given to forever conscience-stricken Dan, Chuck’s super lame Eyes Wide Shut-like plot).  There have been hopeful flashes of those necessary soapy suds this season….remember when Bart Bass died only to be followed by the news that Lily and Rufus had a baby way back when?  Riveting!  I demand to be further riveted.  And the return of Georgina (who apparently is willing to sacrifice her Christlike behavior for Blair’s benefit) and investment fraud plot both look promising.

Oh, and total aside.  Is it just me or is Jenny slowly but surely taking her look to scary conclusions?  Will it bcome full-on Jersey hooker, or no-holds-barred Motley Crue groupie?  Either way she needs to match the look by developing a coke habit.  But then we risk the possibility of a Jenny-centric “very special episode.”  That is not the kind of soapy suds I require.



3 Responses to “Let Me Soap That Up for You, Chuck Bass”

  1. gnatalby Says:

    I don’t think we can let Georgina’s awesome “OMJC” shirt pass without comment. I kind of want one for my very own.

    I loved the look of total insane murder in Georgina’s eyes when she heard Blair’s name. But I was really excited for the original Georgina, and it ended up being a let down, so I’m trying to keep my expectations in check.

    I mentioned this to you, but I totally thought Vanessa and Dan were going to have sex when they were getting drunk. Thank god they didn’t. Now, you know I loathe Vanessa (as I loathe all the commoners– screw the middle class, I say!) but I did think they way she chugged her beer when admitting to sleeping with Chuck was very cute. Maybe I just like watching people get crunk.

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