The trauma unit is hoppin’ tonight…


Previously on One Tree Hill, 57 car accidents…

A couple years ago I added OTH to my already packed tv schedule during a hiatus.  Once I pick up a show I rarely put it down again, no matter how bad it gets, unless something (like a writers’ strike) makes me forget about it existing at all. (Sorry Heroes.) The shows that most often make me regret this decision are Lost (I’m ready for some answeres now…) and OTH.

Still before the brief hiatus they advertised the final five episodes of the season with a riveting promo showing a car accident, Lucas and Brooke crying in the hospital, and deadly serious promo guy intoning something about how Tree Hill would never be the same after some shocking events.

I think we need rules like Europe has about advertising.  If you can’t make your show interesting, you can’t make your promo interesting.  (I feel the same way about cliffhangers– just write a good show and I’ll be back, god.)

Basically, Peyton is in Tree Hill’s 97000th car accident, but this one is a mere fender bender, and Lucas and Brooke were just crying about information we already knew about Peyton’s mystery pregnancy endangering medical condition.

Then some boring crap happened with Sam and Jack, but honestly, I don’t care about anyone living in Tree Hill under the age of 20.  I don’t need a cast of thousands, I just need solid writing for a small core of characters.




2 Responses to “The trauma unit is hoppin’ tonight…”

  1. doostyn Says:

    I feel the same way about Desperate Housewives. I think the only reason I’m still watching is out of some sense of loyalty to the ladies. The show is so terrible now that one of the ladies died recently and I found myself not caring at all. I think it was because this character, like pretty much everyone on Wisteria Lane, has become a sad shadow of her former self. This might be the last season I watch, though.

    And cliffhangers…those work for me, but usually only on the soapiest of soaps (I’m looking at you Melrose Place). They not only work for a show like that, I feel like they’re almost essential to the type of show it is.

  2. gnatalby Says:

    One of the ladies is dead!!!!!!??

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