What are you trying to tell us, Oprah?


Her Majesty regarding the reattachment of John Wayne Bobbit’s penis:

“…that’s a medical miracle!”

Despite being kind of rude to say in front of guest Lorena Formerly-Bobbit, who was trying to describe the cycles of physical and mental abuse she received at the hands of her ex-husband/forever-not-normal-penis-haver and the mental state she was in while chucking the weenie out the window when Orpah interrupted to say she wished she could interview the guy who found the penis, this quote might also reveal a trend.  See below post to draw your own conclusions, but I swear Oprah had the same weirdly inspired look on both episodes.

My theory (and clearly the most sensical):  Oprah’s going to give her audience laboratory-grown attachable penises on her next Favorite Things show.  “YOU get a penis, and YOU get a penis…!”


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