Gossip Shiksa


Poor Cyrus Rose…why can’t he get through his damn seder without all these annoying gentiles interrupting with their personal drama?  Serena is now confirmed to be one of the worst people ever (seriously, ruining someone’s religious ceremony because you can’t stand that you may have accidentally married a Disney-prince-come-to-life in Spain?  Lame!).

I love Blair and Nate being back together.  Notice how this episode was Vanessa-free?  Notice how your eyes and ears didn’t bleed profusely (a little bleeding is expected since Serena and Dan were together again for like 5 minutes, even if it was a ruse)?  Also, I fully support more Blair as various Audrey Hepburn characters.  Totally works for me.  (Go ahead, mock her cockney accent, I admit it was fairly atrocious….but I bet Blair’s singing voice would not have to be dubbed over with Marni Noxon’s!  Snap! Love you Audrey, kisses should you be monitoring blogs from beyond the grave.)

Lily’s the best.  “All shopping leads to shoe shopping!”  She always gets what she wants.  So why is she with a dingbat like Rufus.  (I actually sort of like the idea of them together, but he begat Dan and Jenny…two unforgivable begat-ments.  Also, why would you sell your livelihood when trying to get your son into an expensive college?  Lily talk some sense into this former Gin Blossom-ish rocker!)

Oh, Chuck Bass.  Bored of where the ladies are biting?  I can think of so many places to bite you.  Maybe if you watched your own show more often you’d turn gay.  That’s what happened to me!

Looks like we have some Georgina to look forward to next week.  I hope it’s an interesting and possibly plausible storyline this time, or else so ricockulous as to be deliberately laughable (maybe Georgina can reveal Serena was responsible for the market crash because her immense slut-itude distracted those responsible for financial industry oversight.)



Sloppy Drunk



2 Responses to “Gossip Shiksa”

  1. gnatalby Says:

    I freaking loved this week’s GG.

    As I wrote to you midstream, when Chuck brought home his floozy of the week I was dying for Little J to be all “Still nearly raped over here…” And then she totally said basically that!

    Exchange of the night is Serena and Blair:

    S: I always pictured you as Hillary Clinton.
    B (incensed): Except I’d win!

    And yeah, everyone was totally rude during seder.

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