Baruch ata ado… ay dios mio!


As Gossip Girl says. Ahem.

We have only one question about last night’s GG: Why are S, L, R, and everyone else on the UES such assholes? This was a religious service! And where was C’s douchebag son A? I guess it’s pretty boring to be the only sobor one at seder.

You know you love us,




2 Responses to “Baruch ata ado… ay dios mio!”

  1. doostyn Says:

    Yeah, I was wondering where Aaron might be. They could have at least made up something…like, he’s in rabbinical school and had to observe Passover there? And like the grandmother wouldn’t be working some guilt on him if he didn’t have an excuse.

    At least Eleanor was relatively non-assholish (she does know these people who have proclivities to offend but most of the guests showed up unannounced…or as staff [loved when the fellow seder cater waiter asked Dan “Are you going to do this nervous talking thing all night?”]). Moreover, she gave Dorota the night/weekend off! Dorota deserves it….she’s been working so hard, soothing Blair when she’s over-drama’d while apparently living drama of her own (see

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