No wonder I’m so hardcore and extreme to the max.  I came of age in the ’90s.  An advertising pitch from season 4 of our beloved Melrose Place (I think it’s already clear we’re weirdly obsessed with this show that most left in the dust for, what, the double naughts?  I’m not finished being extreme!):

“You want a kick butt campaign, you gotta bring you and your product into the ’90s.  Now picture the two of you, only a lot tougher, and a lot wilder.  You’re both wearing black leather jackets, you’re smoking a couple of stogies, and you’re sitting on two of the biggest, baddest motorcycles you’ve ever seen.  Just as you burn rubber out onto the dirt road, the hippest male voice around [Urkel?] says ‘Magde and Mabel…absolutely, definitely not your grandmother’s ice cream.'” (This is pitched to old frumpy ice cream mavens, and yes, it so works on them…even old people are ready to join the future in the ’90s!)

This show is very aware of what decade it’s in.  Maybe the reason certain characters are hyper-aware of their place in time is that others forget, or so it would seem.  (“This is the ’90s!  Get with it!”  or like phrases are often shouted in dramatic scenes.)  Why can’t our decade have some kind of identity we can always remind our contemporaries about?  I’m so sick of breaking out “Never forget 9/11!” in the middle of dramatic arguments.


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2 Responses to “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeme!”

  1. gnatalby Says:

    “Billy you set me up!!!”

  2. When worlds collide « Booze. TV. Food. How Do *You* Spend Friday Nights? Says:

    […] of that extreme decade, Doostyn and I were talking earlier about how the new Melrose is probably going to suck all the joy […]

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