We should tooooootally have a blog


Doostyn: It’s finally getting warm here

on hopefully a continual basis.
I emerged from my cocoon and went out on the town
and now i feel like an old person
with the tired
and the slight hang over.
me: I am hungover too.
Shocker, I know.
Dustin: What did you do?
me:I had drinks with my favorite person last night!
(aka alone)
Doostyn: Do you think your head shrinker picks up on shit like that?
Like….”looks like you had a rough night?”
I always lie to my doctors about my booze consumption
so I’m afraid of that.
Especially considering the time (when there was no way I could have smelled like booze b/c I was deathly ill)
Doostyn: that some other doctor at the office I had to see b/c my doctor was out
was all “Why do you smell like alcohol?”
and I was all “Maybe it’s one of your nurses?”
me: Ha!
That’s awesome.
Doostyn: It was such bullshit.
He was a total bitchy ‘mo.
me: Then he should have understood–
Doostyn: But he had no idea that two bitchy ‘mos were about to collide.
me: Boozing hard is how your people deal with the pain:
the pain of your little sexual dysfunction.
Doostyn: Hmmmm…
What’s your excuse?
Latent catholicism?
me: Yeah.
My people are hardened boozers.
Also, I had to self medicate
because of the trauma of the veggie burger. (ETA: Found a piece of plastic in my veggie burger. )
me: Oooo Janeane Garofalo on Greek!
Doostyn: Maybe this show should be my new tv
after the o.c.
so months down the road probably.
If only i didn’t work–
me: Yes, yes it should.
Doostyn: and got paid to watch tv
and report my thoughts on it…
I’ve heard good things about the show
not only from you.
If we weren’t so lazy
we could have an awesome tv blog.
me: Seriously.
We should start one
combining our love of drunkenness and tv.
Doostyn: ok
The Booze Tube.
me: Yes, I love it
Doostyn: I mean
no one will really read it
b/c we would talk about like Melrose Place a lot,
but we could write about current tv i guess.
me: Allllll of tv
Doostyn: Hmmmm.
That’s a tall order
of booze
and tv
I have the hangover starvation
I just want to order a pizza and eat the entire thing.
Doostyn: Do it
Get what you want.
I often order pizzas and eat the entire thing or close to it on hang over days

Me: I finished Melrose season four last night, awesome season ender with Richard’s hand bursting up from      his roadside grave

Doostyn: Oh yeah….

I love that Sydney can be talked into anything.  I just finished the episode where Brooke dies and Allison ridiculously gets up at her funeral when Billy storms off way to make things more awkward fug face.  She’s so fucking stupid.

me: So great.  Also when Jake awesomely turned Allison down I was like, “Yes! They’re making Jake gay! After all, that’s the only way on Melrose for a man to not be attracted to Allison…”

But then he succumbed despite being in love with Jane.

And Jo.

The people in that building need to go out of their own courtyard to fuck.


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